Looking Back to Move Forward: How to Make This Your Best Tradeshow Ever!

I ran across this article written by Jefferson Davis with Competitive Edge while working with one of our clients exhibiting at the SHOT Show.

It’s worth a read if you invest in trade show marketing… He writes:

“Plato once said “the unexamined life is not worth living”. With a key show coming upon you, you can use Plato’s sage advice to improve your trade show program. Now is the perfect time to take a careful look back at your exhibit program to determine what worked, what didn’t and most importantly what you need to do to take it to the next level this year.

Trade shows are truly one of your most effective marketing and sales media, if done properly. You can get more done in three days at a trade show than you could in weeks or even months in the field – IF you are prepared to take advantage of the many opportunities presented”…

He goes on to list 26 critical exhibiting questions you should ask yourself to improve your trade show performance. He gives some excellent advice. You can read his entire article here:


Jefferson Davis, president of Competitive Edge is known as “the Tradeshow Turnaround Artist”. Since 1991, his consulting and training services have helped clients dramatically improve their tradeshow performance and results. His clients have realized over $500M in measurable value from their tradeshow investments. Mr. Davis is the author of the successful exhibiting articles series. He can be reached at 800-700-6174 or jdavis@compedgetraining.com.

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