Founder’s Welcome

Hello, and thank you for considering the 20×20 Display Company.

Display Marketing is our expertise. Our work is found on trade show floors, in retail environments and in public spaces. Simply put, we design and build environments that enable successful brand experiences. To be successful in sales & marketing the face-to-face experience has to make an impact. We’re in an industry that is founded on face-to-face, personal relationships that help forge business success.

With that said, I thought it would be appropriate for you to know a bit about me and the philosophy I impart throughout this firm. The true blessings in my life are my beautiful wife and three children. Their support through the years has been at the core of my success. I’m a natural Entrepreneur with Industrial Design and Business Marketing degrees and have found success in the display marketing industry for 25 years.

The joys and struggles of building successful companies spotlight two of my favorite words; “Integrity” and “Perspective”. Integrity is something one should honor and Perspective is something one should always consider. In the design field, the term Perspective is a drawing type. In Marketing, the true understanding of Perspective is what separates success and failure.

These are powerful words that form the cornerstones of this company’s culture and philosophical approach to business. I’m honored that you are considering us as a partner in your business affairs and we look forward to sharing our experience, our talents and our hard work in helping make your display marketing a success.

Chris Wilson
Principal, 20×20 Display Company