BMW Germany Makes Logo Appear Inside Cinema Audience’s Eyelids

This is a thought provoking brand “marking” experiment. I have to wonder how the audience not filmed by BMW feels about this type of stealth branding. Unique concept to say the least…

How do you feel about it?

LONDON ( — BMW Germany is literally getting into consumers’ heads, by burning its logo onto the insides of their eyes.

Using pioneering new “flash projection” technology, BMW is testing a cinema spot in Germany that does not feature a visible logo. Instead, a bright photo flash occurs during the ad, and a few moments later the audience is asked to close its eyes.

At this point, the audience sees an after-image of the brand that has been created by the flash. The letters “BMW” appear before them, in the same way that you might see a bright spot if you had been looking at the sun and then closed your eyes.

The flash projection spot was filmed in English, and BMW plans to show it in other markets after the German trial, but has not yet decided where.

The black-and-white ad, for the car’s motorbike division, Motorrad, stars BMW motorcycle racing driver Ruben Xaus, who came second in the world Superbike championships this year.

Speaking over dramatic footage of himself riding a motorbike, he talks about the questions people ask him about his daredevil racing, and explains that he is living his dream. During this sequence, the audience experiences an unexplained and unexpected flash.

Then Mr. Xaus tells the viewers, “Just close your eyes. Look deep into yourself. Maybe it’s your dream, too. It’s in you. Close your eyes and you will see it.” He looks directly into the camera and commands: “Close them. Now.”

As the audience obeys, they see the BMW letters hovering inside their eyelids. The company claims that the flash is completely harmless.

A BMW spokeswoman said, “We literally got inside people’s heads, involving them instead of boring them and generating a more intensive connection to our target group. Our brand should be innovative, emotional and dynamic.”

German agency Serviceplan worked with BMW on the project, which is part of BMW’s “Welcome to Planet Power” campaign that targets young potential bikers.

Watch the ad here… (by the way, it only works in the theater)

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