2,897 Words on How to Create Viral Content

Here is a great piece written by Glen at Viperchill about viral marketing.

(The Key Element Behind Every Successful Blog)

Glen writes…”Many of these suggestions are aimed towards people who aren’t going to take the time to read every word that you write, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The whole point is that they’re reading your content and enjoying it in their own way, and then sharing it if they like it”.

“Many people will also skim an article first, and if it looks interesting, go back to read the whole thing in detail”.

“To those of you who read the whole post, and want to know the answer to my question about Saturn, the rings are believed to be made out of dust-covered ice. Are you going to use these tips to make sure that your next article is a hit?”

Check out his whole post…


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