Put down the fishing pole!

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Put Down the Fishing Pole. by Chris Wilson

In my 20-ish years of trade show experience, there are a multitude of mistakes I’ve seen so many exhibitors make. One of the biggest mistakes is assuming that simply because they are “exhibiting” at the show they can stand in their booth and wait for the right person to walk in for a look.

Those days are over… In this fast paced world, everyone is being squeezed for time. Your prospect attending a trade show is there for a purpose and probably has a plan to navigate the show floor with a scalpel. If you have any chance of controlling your success it’s your responsibility to DRIVE them to your booth.

You can’t stand around fishing anymore.

Your show success really starts months in advance with incentive elements like pre show mailings, VIP invitations and targeted giveaway announcements that deliver incentives for them to visit your booth. Consider your exhibit space the barrel of water the downspouts empty into. You’re in charge of the downspouts. Once you have the fish in your barrel…well, you know the rest…

Put down the fishing pole…please!

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