Custom & Modular Displays

What is a “Custom” display? And is it right for our company?

The term “custom” in the display industry usually refers to a specific construction style. A custom exhibit is built “from scratch” using traditional cabinet building methods to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. This building style can be very effective but is not necessarily concerned with the shipping weight or set-up time required on the trade show floor. Materials used in this building style range from traditional wood and laminates to aluminum and steel structures.

  1. May use their display only a few times per year at very prominent shows.
  2. Wants to be absolutely unique on the trade show floor.
  3. Is not primarily concerned with the exhibit cost-of-ownership.
  4. May have very specific product display requirements that demand custom display accommodations.

What is a “Modular” display? And is it right for our company?

The term “Modular” refers to a construction style that incorporates standardized components for expanding the flexibility of the structure’s uses. This style of display building can be used in custom designs but the general benefit is that the structure is less expensive, can be configured into other display configurations and weighs less than conventional custom exhibitry. Custom/Modular is a term that has been popular over the last 10 years that describes a hybrid solution of custom design built with modular components to achieve the best of both worlds.