Illuminating your Purpose

Exhibit Lighting Conversations:

Tradeshow Lighting

“Who cares about special lighting?” – “Is lighting really even necessary?” – “Why is it so expensive?” –  “Our products are there, and people can see them just fine…”

Do any of these statements sound familiar inside your company trade show meetings?

“Lighting” is one of those things most companies overlook, usually treated as an expendable line item on a service order spreadsheet. In fact, it is arguably the worst item to overlook considering that in any sales & marketing environment “Lighting” can make or break your investment (ROI).

Studies have proven that strategic lighting is a powerful marketing tool. The mere presence of a focused light emphasizes a products importance and specifically directs attention.

For example, a museum curator’s concern to keep their visitors coming back is focusing their viewer’s eye on the important artwork (not the walls and floors). For the same reason, Las Vegas casino’s light their gambling tables and slot machines far more extravagantly than the clocks or exit signs – they want to keep their visitors gambling. Likewise, a sporting event producer is not so concerned with lighting the stands as with illuminating the field and billboards with meticulous care.

Remember, a successful trade show exhibitor is a “producer” just like the groups mentioned above. Strategic Lighting will focus your audience on the importance of the products and services you are selling. Show them off with lighting that is Powerfully Purposeful.

Chris Wilson, the 20×20 Display Company