Top 3 Myths about Lead Retrieval Systems

Over 80% of leads from trade shows are not followed up for one reason or another. Here is a short piece on trade show lead retrieval systems from that might help your success rate with trade show prospects. writes:

Since we are in the lead retrieval business we come across many misconceptions about lead retrieval. Here are the top three myths:

1) Lead retrieval is too expensive. Bartizan’s lead retrieval products are modestly priced, but we have seen competitors pricing similar units or apps as high as $600.00. This is a major pet peeve of exhibitors. However, even at inflated prices lead retrieval is a miniscule portion of an exhibitor’s overall show investment. What does it cost not to capture a lead?

Better question, how much did you pay to rent that garbage can? Don’t blow your budget on tschotskes before getting lead retrieval – you exhibit at shows to gather leads, not giveaway pens.


2) Business cards are good enough. Not if you drop them, or lose them or never input the info into your CRM. Additionally, lead retrieval captures attendees full registration data – this is much more info than what is on a business card. It includes purchasing authority, buying timeline, company size as well as other useful data. Seriously, we are in a digital age – manage your leads in a quick, digital way. Now, with real time data transfer for lead retrieval – salespeople back at the office can follow up on leads while you’re still at the show.

3) Success means that your team will scan as many passersby as possible at the show. Please don’t scan everyone that walks by without talking with them. Not everyone at a trade show is a prospect. Don’t focus on lead counts, focus lead quality. Not all leads are created equal. Need to determine weather the lead is hot, warm or cold. This is accomplished by having a conversation with booth visitors – not just scanning random people’s badges. Lead captures should have qualifiers and notes so you remember the interaction. Gathering critical information about each potential customer’s needs will make your post-show lead follow-ups much easier. Don’t forget to capture leads at parties, dinners and luncheons during the tradeshow too.

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