Would you attend a wedding in a pair of sweatpants?


Well would you?…………..Why not?

Because your personal reputation (brand) is at stake.

The same applies to your company brand at a trade show event.

If you can’t look your best in front of your prospects and competition then I advise simply not to exhibit at all. Companies exhibit at trade shows every day with poor display presentations and then wonder why they spent the money on such lousy results.

In fact I’d say it’s worse than that. They spent good money to display poorly. Doing so actually damages the company’s brand against the competition. In an environment that is meant to showcase competitive companies and products, perception is reality… so correctly shaping perception means trade show success.

Exhibiting at trade shows is too expensive to get it wrong. Shaping perceptions on the trade show floor is key… and a skill best left to display professionals.

Studies prove trade shows are by far one of the most effective ways to build business relationships and get F2F time with hands on demonstrations and networking.

If you plan to exhibit, I recommend leaving the sweatpants at home and hiring a professional display marketing firm to help you step up and do it right.

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